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Past Speakers

at Sacramento Seminar

Over the years, Sacramento Seminar has hosted hundreds of prominent speakers at our luncheons. Past Seminar speakers include: 

Art Agnos

Art Agnos

Mayor of San Francisco (1988-1992)

Joseph Alioto

Joseph Alioto

Mayor of San Francisco (1968-1976)

Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

U.S. Senator (1993-present)

Willie Brown

Willie Brown

Mayor of San Francisco (1996-2004)

Tom Daschle

Tom Daschle

U.S. Senator (1987-2005)

Anna Eshoo

Anna Eshoo

U.S Representative (1993-present)

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

Attorney General of California (2011-present)

Jared Huffman

Jared Huffman

U.S. Representative (2013-present)

Frank Jordan

Frank Jordan

Mayor of San Francisco (1992-1996)

Dan Lungren

Dan Lungren

U.S. Representative (1979-1989 and 2005-present)

George Miller

George Miller

U.S. Representative (1975-present)

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom

Lieutenant Governor of California (2011-present)

David Paterson

David Paterson

Governor of New York (2008-2010)

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

U.S. House of Representatives (1987-present) and Democratic Leader

Charlie Rangel

Charlie Rangel

U.S. Representative (1971-present)

Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson

Governor of New Mexico (2003-2011)

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Republican Presidential Nominee (2012) and Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007)

Loretta Sanchez

Loretta Sanchez

U.S. Representative (1997-present)

Jackie Speier

Jackie Speier

U.S. Representative (2008-present)

Jeff Adachi, San Francisco Public Defender (2002-present)

Art Agnos, Mayor of San Francisco (1988-1992)

Joseph Alioto, Mayor of San Francisco (1968-1976)

Dion Aroner, California State Assembly Member (1996-2002)

Larry Baer, San Francisco Giants

William P. Baker, U.S. Representative (1993-1997)

Mark Baldassare, Public Policy Institute of California

Mark Barabak, Los Angeles Times

Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley (2002-present)

Scott Baugh, California State Assembly Member (1995-2000)

Dan Bernal, Office of U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi

Roger Boas, Chief Administrative Officer of San Francisco (1977-1986)

Audie Bock, California State Assembly Member (1999-2000)

Joe Bodovitz, California Coastal Commission (1973-1978)

Severin Borenstein, University of California Energy Institute

Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senator (1993-present)

Gray Brechin, Living New Deal Project

David S. Broder, Washington Post

Larry Brilliant, Epidemiologist

Phil Bronstein, San Francisco Chronicle

Geoffrey F. Brown, California Public Utilities Commissioner (2001-2007)

Harold “Hal” Brown, Marin County Board of Supervisors (1983-2011)

Manson K. Brown, Vice Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area Commander

Willie Brown, Mayor of San Francisco (1996-2004)

Jim Brulte, California Republican Party Chairman (2012-present)

Cruz Bustamante, Lieutenant Governor of California (1999-2007)

Graham Burton, Counsul-General of the United Kingdom (1987-1990)

Bruce Cain, Stanford University Professor of Political Science

Peter Camejo, Green Party Leader

Robert Campbell, California State Assembly Member (1980-1996)

Tom Campbell, U.S. Representative (1995-2001)

Carney Campion, Golden Gate Bridge General Manager (1984-1999)

Lou Cannon, Author

Michael Capizzi, Jones & Mayer

Dennis Cardoza, U.S. Representative (2003-2012)

Joe Cerrell, Cerrell Associates

Bernard Cherin, Filmmaker

John Chiang, California State Controller (2007-present)

David Chiu, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (2009-present)

Gail Collins, New York Times

Kathleen Connell, California State Comptroller (1995-2003)

Audrey Cooper, Managing Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

Wesley Chesboro, California State Assembly Member (2012-present)

Stephen Cohen, Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy

Alan Cranston, U.S. Senator (1987-1993)

Chris Daly, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (2001-2011)

Tom Daschle, U.S. Senator (1987-2005)

Andy David, Israeli Consul General

Gray Davis, Governor of California (1999-2003)

Emer Deane, Consul General of Ireland (2005-2008)

James Delassandro, Writer and Filmmaker

Rich DeLeon, San Francisco State University Professor Emeritus

Donal Denham, Consul General of Ireland (2001-2009)

Mike Denunzio, San Francisco State Building Authority

Mark DeSaulnier, California State Senator (2008-present)

Marc DiCamillo, Field Research Corporation

Salvatore “Sal” DiMasi, Massachusetts House of Representatives (1979-2009)

Cal Dooley, U.S. Representative (1993-2005)

John Donhoff, California State Senator (1998-2006)

Joe Dunn, State Bar of CaliforniaJulius Duscha, Journalist

Dorothy Ehrlich, American Civil Liberties Union

Hesham Elnakib, Consul General of Egypt (2008-present)

Sean Elsbernd, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (2004-2013)

Martha Escutia, California State Senator (1998-2006)

Vic Fazio, U.S. Representative (1979-1999)

Liz Figueroa, California State Assembly Member (1994-1998)

Mervin Field, Field Research Corporation

Richard Floyd, California State Assembly Member (1980-1992)

Matt Fong, California State Treasurer (1995-1999)

Antony Ford, Counsul-General of the United Kingdom (1990-1994)

Phil Frank, Cartoonist

Ronald M. George, Chief Justice of California (1996-2011)

Bill German, Author

Susan Golding, Mayor of San Diego (1992-2000)

Tony Hall, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (2000-2004)

Terence Hallinan, District Attorney of San Francisco (1996-2004)

Loni Hancock, California State Senator (2008-present)

Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California (2011-present)

Peter Hart, Hart Research Associates

Tom Hayden, California State Senator (1992-2000)

Steve Heminger, Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Jerry Hill, California State Senator (2012-present)

Dr. Friedrich Hoess, Austria Ambassador to the United States (1987-1993)

Michael Howard, Leader of the Opposition, UK (2003-2005)

Webster “Webb” Hubbell, Clinton Administration Official

Jared Huffman, U.S. Representative (2013-present)

Glenda Jackson, Member of Parliament, UK (1992-2010)

Aaron Jacob, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations (1998-2002)

John Jacobs, The Sacramento Bee

Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, University of Southern California Professor of the Practice of Public Policy Communication

Patrick Johnston, California State Senator (1991-2000)

Bill Jones, California Secretary of State (1995-2003)

Frank Jordan, Mayor of San Francisco (1992-1996)

Richard Katz, California State Assembly Member (1980-1996)

Barbara Kaufman, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (1994-2000)

Fred Keeley, California State Assembly Member (1996-2002)

William Keese, California Energy Commission (1997-2005)

Mary King, Alameda County Board of Supervisors (1988-2001)

Jeremy Kinsman, Canadian Ambassador to the European Union (2002-2006)

Johan Klehs, California State Board of Equalization (1995-2003)

Carsten Knopf, German Foreign Correspondent

Charlotte Knox, Education Consultant

John Knox, World Affairs Council

Oliver Koppel, New York City Council Member (2002-2013)

Quentin Kopp, San Mateo County Superior Court Judge (1998-2004)

George Lakoff, University of California, Berkeley Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics

Chris Lehane, Political Consultant

Jim Leach, U.S. Representative (1977-2003)

Mark Leno, California State Senator (2012-present)

Susan Leal, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission General Manager (2003-2009)

Ted Lieu, California State Senator (2011-present)

Bill Lockyer, State Treasurer of California (2007-present)

Donna Lucas, Lucas Public Affairs

Gregg Lucas, California State Librarian (2014-present)

Dan Lungren, U.S. Representative (1979-1989 and 2005-present)

Fiona Ma, California State Assembly Member (2006-2014)

Michael Machado, California State Senator (2000-2008)

Kenneth L. Maddy, California State Senator (1978-1998)

Sir David Manning, British Ambassador to the United States (2003-2007)

Abel Maldonado, Lieutenant Governor of California (2010-2011)

Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle

Diane Martinez, California State Assembly Member (1992-1998)

Mike Martini, Mayor of Santa Rosa (2000-?)

Patrick Mason, California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy

Phil Matier, San Francisco ChronicleJames P. Mayer, California Forward

Kerry Mazzoni, California State Assembly Member (1994-2000)

Pete McCloskey, U.S. Representative (1975-1983)

Mike McCurry, White House Press Secretary (1994-1998)

Sunne Wright McPeak, California Emerging Technology Fund

James Meadows, The Presidio Trust (2007-2011)

Richard Mendelson, Dickenson Peatman & Fogarty

Jay Michael, Author

Carole Migden, California State Senator (2004-2008)

William C. Miller, Author

George Miller, U.S. Representative (1975-present)

Tony Miller, California Secretary State (1994-1995)

Ross Mirkarimi, Sheriff of San Francisco (2012-present)

Dick Morris, Political Author

Mehdi Morshed, California High-Speed Rail Authority (1970-2010)

Linda Muir, Horse Racing Lobbyist

Adam Nagorney, Los Angeles Bureau Chief, New York Times

Joseph Nation, U.S. Representative (2000-2006)

Adam Nagourney, New York Times

Bill Neukom, San Francisco Giants (2008-2011)

Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California (2011-present)

Virgo "Chip" Nielsen, Nielsen Merksamer Parrinello Gross & Leoni LLP

Marty Nolan, Journalist

William Ohlemeyer, Vice President and Associate Counsel, Altria Group, Inc. (1999-2008)

John D. O'Conner, Deep Throat's Attorney

Ronn Owens, KGO Newstalk 810

Martin Palous, Czech Republic Ambassador to United States (2006-2011)

Lou Papan, California State Assembly Member (1972-1986)

David Paterson, Governor of New York (2008-2010)

Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Representative (1987-present)

Don Perata, California State Senator (2004-2008)

Nick Petris, California State Senator (1966-1996)

Joseph Pilling, Permanent Secretary, Northern Ireland Office (1997-2005)

Percy Pinkey, Black American Political Association of California

Hank Plante, Television Reporter and Editor

Steve Poizner, State Insurance Commissioner of California (2006-2011)

Richard Polanco, California State Senator (1994-2002)

Professor Nelson Polsby, University of California, Berkeley Heller Professor of Political Science

Rollin Post, Television Reporter and Commentator

Robert Presley, California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency Secretary (199-2003)

Curt Pringle, Mayor of Anaheim (2002-2010)

Chuck Quackenbush, Insurance Commissioner of California (1995-2000)

Bruce Quan, Peking University Law School

John Rahaim, Planning Director, City and County of San Francisco

Sean Randolph, Bay Area Council Economic Institute

Barbara Richardson, First Lady of New Mexico (2003-2011)

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico (2003-2011)

Bernie Richter, California State Assembly Member (1992-1998)

Clint Reilly, Political Consultant and Mayoral Candidate

Frank Riggs, U.S. Representative (1991-1993)

Jerry Roberts, The Santa Barbara Independent

Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007)

Robert Rosenthal, Center for Investigative Reporting

Andrew Ross, San Francisco Chronicle

Chuck Rund, Pollster

John Russo, Alameda City Manager (2011-present)

Sal Russo, Tea Party Express

Ginger Rutland, Sacramento Bee

Loretta Sanchez, U.S. Representative (1997-present)

Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle

Robert Scheer, Truthdig

Dan Schnur, Candidate, Secretary Of State (NPP)

Francesco Sciortino, Consul General of Italy (?-2005)

Jack Scott, California State Senator (2000-2008)

Don Sebastiani, Don Sebastiani & Sons

Kevin Shelley, California Secretary of State (2003-2005)

Byron Sher, California State Senator (1996-2004)

Dan Schnur, Columnist

Joe Shumate, Republican Political Consultant

Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors (2013-present)

Ronald Smith, Political Strategist

Don Solem, Solem & Associates

Jackie Speier, U.S. Representative (2008-present)

Darry Sragow, Democrat Political Consultant

Kevin Starr, California State Librarian (1994-2004)

Andrea Dew Steele, Emerge America

David Stirling, California State Assembly Member (1976-1982)

Masachika Suzuki, Vice Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Ellen Tauscher, U.S. Representative (1997-2009)

Mabel Teng, Assessor-Recorder of San Francisco (2000-2005)

Tom Torlakson, California Superintendent of Public Instruction (2001-present)

Martin Uden, Consul-General of the United Kingdom (2003-2007)

John Vasconcellos, California State Senator (1996-2004)

Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles (2005-2013)

Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee

Casper Weinberger, U.S. Secretary of Defense (1981-1987)

Ernest Weiner, American Jewish Committee

Dan Weintraub, Sacramento Bee

Peter Welch, CINGA HealthCare of California

Steve Westley, California State Controller (2003-2007)

Bernd Westphal, Consul General of Germany (?-2005)

Charles Wiggins, Federal Judge (1984-2000)

Peter Wirth, New Mexico State Senator (2004-present)

Jim Wunderman, Bay Area Council

Kevin Yamamura, Sacramento Bee

Betty Yee, California State Board of Equalization

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